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Made in Canada. Prices do not include shipping please contact Kim at allthingsdogroom@gmail.com for an order form.

Plastic dumbbells are the most commonly used in competitive Obedience.  Plastic is best for dogs that chew or mouth, also the chew marks are not as obvious to see on the plastic bar as is on a wooden bar.  Custom handmade to the size you need to best fit your dog.
Bar diameter will be the standard size per the end unless a different size is requested. 
P2 – 2″ end         = $20.00
P2.5 – 2 1/2″ end   = $25.00
P3 – 3″ end         = $30.00
P3.5 – 3 1/2″ end   = $35.00                                                                        P4 – 4″ end        = $40.00

Wooden dumbbells are often used in competitive Obedience.  Wood is lighter and tends to bounce less.  These wooden Obedience Dumbbells are handmade and can be made to the size that you require.  Fir for the ends and Oak for the bars.  Clear coat the ends which enhances and preserves the wood.    

Bar diameter will be the standard size per end unless a different size is requested. 

W2 – 2″ end         = $15.00
W2.5 – 2 1/2″ end   = $20.00
W3 – 3″ end          = $25.00
W3.5 – 3 1/2″ end    = $30.00
W4 – 4″ end           = $35.00

Combo dumbbells have wood ends with a plastic bar.  This is for people who like the way wood lands and their dogs tend to chew.   

C2 – 2″ end         = $20.00
C2.5 – 2 1/2″ end   = $25.00
C3 – 3″ end         = $30.00
C3.5 – 3 1/2″  end  = $35.00                                                                                           C4
4″ end        = $40.00  

Dumbbell Sizing: 

The ends should be big enough so that it is flush with the end of your dog’s nose.  This will prevent your dog from bumping his nose when retrieving it.  

The bar length should be short enough so that your dog cannot throw it to the back of their mouth.  This will help prevent chewing.  One way to measure bit length is to place a dowel in your dog’s mouth just behind the canines and mark on either side where your dog’s lips touch the dowel. Measure between the lines.

The bar diameter should be small enough so that your dog’s mouth can close comfortably, but large enough that it will not spin when your dog picks it up.



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