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The large training space at All Things Dog Room is in need of better matting. It has been suggested that many users of the Room would be happy to help with making this improvement happen. Everyone benefits from safer footing.

Each of these 8 mm rolls cover 100 sq feet, so a 30X36 ring area will require 11 rolls. The plain black rolls are $325 each plus shipping and tax so a big investment. The current floor mats are 3 mm. You can see the thicker (8mm) heavier mats in the Gold Room for comparison. There will be an opportunity to be part of this project monthly, see details posted at the Room, or contact allthingsdogroom@gmail for details. No pressure for any Room users though!

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Room update


The second training room is just about ready to go, old rubber tiles are down for now with new flooring coming. The space is 600 square feet, 20’x30′, mirror and no posts! It’s ideal for one person working on change of position, broad jump, articles, etc. anything that does not require a bigger distance. Contact to book your time.

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ATDR is moving!

After 4 years at the current location, I have made the decision to move the All Things Dog Room. I have found a new location, still in Courtenay that will suit the business’s and Room user’s needs better going forward. 

Therefore, I will be shutting down the Room as of September 21st, re-opening on October 1st at the new location.  The new address is #100 Mansfield Centre 2270 Cliffe Avenue.  Other than the dates noted above, when the Room is in transition, the schedule will continue as it has been arranged.  I hope to have an open house for Room users on October 1st, stay tuned for details!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact me.

Thank you, Kim

All Things Dog Room