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Setting Goals and your Mind Set

Welcome to 2022! While the last 2 years have been a rollercoaster for us all, I am choosing to plan for better days ahead, which leads me to plans and goals.

I recently discovered a U.K. group called Ladies Working Dogs Group, (website and FB). I would like to share a pod cast from this group that will speak to many of us in the dog training community. It’s about goal setting and how our mindset can either hinder or help us to follow through to achieve our goals. While I listened to this pod cast, two ideas really hit home for me.

1. “The bigger the why, the easier the how” When setting a goal having a clear, strong “why” you want the goal is critical to achievement. With the All Things Dog Room, I can tell you that if the primary goal was to make money, the business would have closed last year. My primary goal for the Room has always been clear, to create a space to train my own dogs while supporting and building the dog training community. This goal and encouragement from so many ATDR users has been the reason to slog on, especially through the pandemic mire.

2. Sharing your goal with others keeps you accountable, but, take care in who you choose share your goal with. Sharing your goal with the wrong people can throw you into self doubt. “Who am I to think I can do this”. Share your goal with people who will understand your goal, champion your dreams and believe in you with no question.

While the year is new and winter has slowed us down, it is a good time to consider what your goals will be for you and your dog. Is the why strong enough to sustain when it’s hard? Who will be your champions when you state bravely, “this year we are going to _____________________.” GO FOR IT!!!

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